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Clinical Trials

Pahl Pharmaceutical Professionals, located in Oklahoma City, OK, has conducted many clinical trials, over the past decade, ranging from Opioid Use Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder (including treatment resistant MDD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, addiction, diabetes, hypertension and more.

Our P.I.s, Gita Pujari MD - a Psychiatrist/Addictionologist, Bri Dunford PA, Philicia Groves APRN, and Jorg Pahl MD, FCP (SA) - a psychiatrist/neurologist, have extensive clinical trial experience and have conducted over 300 combined clinical trials. We hold our research to the highest ethical and scientific standards, have experience with many CROs/Sponsors, and are always one of the highest enrolling sites. Our study coordinators have an average of five years clinical trial experience and are experienced in multiple EDC platforms. During one of our last trials, we had an internal Sponsor audit, as we were again on of the highest enrolling sites, and passed with flying colors, no issues were found. Our site has not received a 483 either.

We have a large patient database, many contacts in the surrounding community, and work hard to ensure a large subject population for the trials we conduct. Our site can turn contracts/budgets around in 48 hours, we use (and have used) many Central IRBs, are CLIA certified onsite, and have used many central labs as well.

We'd love to continue serving our patients, CROs, and Sponsors as we research Medications for the New Millenium!

Clinical Trials: About Us

We are currently enrolling for our Sublocade Rapid Induction Trial, a Digital Therapeutic Trial, and our Cannabis Abuse Trial

We are also collecting contact information for patients interested for future opioid,  depression and anxiety trials. 

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Clinical Trials: Welcome
Clinical Trials: Services
Clinical Trials: Services


For Sponsors/CROs concerning new clinical trials, please contact

Clinical Trials: Text

Why volunteer?

We are an independent research site where our doctors have conducted over 300 clinical trials over the past 25 years in multiple areas of study ranging from Opioid addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

Study Patient Benefits Include:              

Cutting Edge research

Free Medication

Free Doctor’s Visits

Reimbursement for Time and Travel

We are currently enrolling for our PTSD, opioid addiction, opioid induced constipation, and anxiety trials

Sponsor/CRO Benefits Include:

High Enrolling Site

Great clinical research held to the highest scientific standards

Work with Central IRBs

Multiple Experienced Investigators/Raters/Coordinators

Quick resolution of queries/contracts/etc

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